Rising Scholars @ Pioneer High School


The next Rising Scholars student meeting: Oct. 30 @ lunch in Rm E107. Lunch will be provided.

Student to Student Advice: I asked the freshman and senior leadership classes to come up with suggestions for high school success to share with fellow Rising Scholars.  Below is a list (by grade level) that Rising Scholars came up with as student to student advice.


1. Develop relationships with teachers
2. GPA starts now!
3. Challenge yourself to do better if you're not doing so
     well in a class
4. AC/AP classes
5. Develop great student habits!
6. Treat every assignment like your future depended on it
7. Don't fall behind
8. Do as many volunteer/community service activities as 
9. Look at college requirements 


1. Build up work ethic
2. Get involved in sports/clubs
3. Prepare for ACT at the end of the year
4. Volunteer
5. Start building college plan
6. Do ALL homework
7. Maintain relationships with teachers
8. Do more extra curriculars


1. Take as many AC/AP classes that fit you and your 
2. Challenge yourself
3. Write your college essays in the summer
4. Take both ACT and SAT
5. Community service/volunteer work
6. Visit colleges in the summer
7. Get/stay involved
8. Aim for varsity sports
9. Start deciding what you want to study in college


1. Apply to college early/finish applications ASAP
2. Don't slack off/Finish off strong
3. Have teachers review college essays before submitting
4. Take AP/AC courses to prepare for college
5. Apply for scholarships
6. Stay focused
7. Keep Goals in mind
8. Volunteer a lot
9. Manage time

Dr. James Comer visits with Pioneer Rising Scholars

The Rising Scholars and our guests, field trip, University of Michigan Understanding Race Project 

Internships @ CTN. Community Television Network of Ann Arbor seeks students who are interested in learning about community access. This unpaid internship provides great work experience in the daily operations of CTN. 


Rising Scholars

Pioneer Rising Scholars with Dr. James Comer. Front row L to R: Ms. Richberg (Rising Scholars coordinator, Dr. Elaine Brown (Asst. Superintendent for SISS), Alesia Flye ( Deputy Superintendent for Instructional Services), Dr. Patricia Green (Superintendent), Dr. James Comer, Dr. Robyne Thompson (Asst. Superintendent for Secondary Education), Dawn Linden (Asst. Superintendent for Elementary Schools) and Kevin Hudson (Asst. Principal). Photo courtesy of AAPS News