Project Bluebird is a multi-age interdisciplinary project designed to develop math, environmental, and leadership skills in students of Skyline’s functional independence program.

The goals of this project are for students to develop a greater awareness of natural and enhanced habitats for Bluebirds by building and installing bluebird houses, to apply functional math skills in real world applications, to work collaboratively within the Ann Arbor community, for students to demonstrate the ability to collect and analyze data, and for students to share findings about Skyline's Bluebird habitat.

On the site where our new school now stands, there used to be a lot of dead trees for Eastern Bluebirds to nest in. Even though our school district has been careful to preserve as much natural habitat as possible there are fewer dead trees and therefore fewer cavities for Bluebirds to nest in. So, one of the main goals of our project is to provide more suitable nesting locations on the campus of Skyline High.

Our class will be tracking and logging the activity in and around our nestboxes using Cornell University's NestWatch system.
We expect to see Eastern Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, and House Sparrows nesting in our boxes.

Project Bluebird in the News!


We have received a lot of guidance and expertise from the Washtenaw County Audubon Society.


We received a generous donation from the Ann Arbor Public Schools Education Foundation to fund this project.

Do you think you hear a Bluebird but can't see them? Click here to listen to a Bluebird song and call.