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DECEMBER 6, 2019

The third graders were really excited about the Scholastic Book Fair.  It is nice to see the students passionate about reading. Thank you for supporting our fundraiser. Remember that you can still order the same books online at Scholastic Books if your child is interested in more books.  

This week we talked about how we can share what we have learned in our informational texts with others.  Since we have read about a topic, it kind of makes us an expert on the topic.  We still practiced finding the main idea and supporting details since this helps to summarize what we have read. 

In order to add more interesting words to our writing, we worked on a synonym project.  Students created "Synonym Rolls" with a common word using a thesaurus. 

As a class, we reviewed how to be a good friend.  A good friend is helpful and respectful.  We brainstormed ways we could talk to someone if we feel we are being bullied or if we disagree with someone.  We also reviewed how to try to Make A Good Intelligent Choice (MAGIC), especially when we are upset. 

We finished unit 3 with using a helper fact that we already know to solve a multiplication problem.    From there we either added a group or subtracted a group to get our answer.  
Helper facts are the 2-facts, 5-facts, and 10-facts. Practice these helper facts with your child. 

In Project Lead The Way, the class is working on their design challenge to save the Tiger.  Ask your child which simple machines they used in their design.  


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