Welcome to 21st Century Learning

Agile minds.   Big hearts.   Deep questions.

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The purpose of a modern school library is 

to support 21st Century teaching and learning...

that means HOW you learn is as important as WHAT you learn.

You need to learn to: 

  • organize your digital life and academic research with Student Learning Networks (SLN)  (like your Google Portfolio Site), 
  • use Google Suite (and other digital tools) effectively, 
  • access varied and valid information quickly, 
  • analyze what you find out there for veracity and relevance,
  • apply your assignments to what you find interesting in and out of school, 
  • become a Maker Innovatora voracious explorer, and more...

You need to master the six 21st Century Fluencies in the context of 

Global Digital Citizenship.

We want you to be the best digitally prepared students ever 

to graduate from Ann Arbor Public Schools.

This site is your portal...