Welcome to the Community Resource (CR) Program
A CR course is a class that...
you create for graduation credit. It appears on your schedule in PowerSchool.
It counts as one of your 6 classes and counts in your GPA. 

Multimedia Storytelling CR

CR Applications are created by students through Moodle and submitted to the CR office at CHS during either of the following time periods.

CR Application windows for 1st semester, 2017-18:
1st window: May 15 to June 7
2nd window: August 15 to Sept 8
Are you new to the CR process? Join us for a "How to Create a CR" Workshop  at any of the AAPS high schools. See the calendar below for information.

Summer CR course applications accepted from June 12-23, 2017. Please click on the link on the left of page for detailed information.

A pre-approved instructor and CR course in Beginning Korean Language is being offered this summer. The class will continue into next year as well. For details contact Danelle Mosher at mosher@aaps.k12.mi.us

    Please note
    • Students who have permission from the UM instructor to attend class at UM as a CR student should begin attending the class on the day that class begins.

    • All CR courses will appear on PowerSchool once approved by the CR monitor. If the CR is denied, the student and parent will be notified before the district drop/add deadline.  

    • Student and parent will receive an email detailing the important dates and requirements of the CR program within the first few weeks of the semester.

    • All students must complete a CR orientation.

    A CR is special because you get to create the class based on what YOU want to study! Here's what you need to do: 
    • Find a QUALIFIED volunteer to work with you for about 3-4 hours a week 
    • Work independently for another hour or two (or more based on your interest) 
    • Put together the curriculum and course plan with your volunteer instructor and guidance from the CR office. 
    You can also work as a volunteer in a SERVICE CR.  Talk to your Forum Leader or someone in the CR Office about how to follow your passion!