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"The dedicated life is the life worth living. You must give with your whole heart."

                                                                                      - Annie Dillard

Syllabus and Pacing Guide Links

        Geometry AC Course                

        Geometry 3 Tri Course                  

        Algebra II Course

          Common Core Standards

Geometry Online-Instructional Links

Sites We Use:    Geogebra   Desmos   Khan Academy

Resource Links for each section of Geometry    

Geometry Interactive Activities

Algebra Online-Instructional Links


      Online instructional links for each section of Algebra 1

      General Khan Academy Algebra 1 Course Link


      Online Instructional links for Algebra II individual sections


      Awesome resource for many math publisher websites

            Math Forum Website: This website has a tremendous search engine to find any math discipline with tons of categories in and easy format to find examples, activities and videos on any any concept of choice.     

            To use: When you click on this link, scroll down the page and click on "Math Tools" and then on this page, go to the top right and use the drop down menus to find your concept of choice to list the great sites. There are interactive sites as well as informational sites.   The Math Forum. Math Forum @ Drexel.

Online Book Access

Click here for instructions about accessing the Geometry book online:  Access Geo Book Online

Algebra 1:     Algebra 1 Book Online - HRW Website Link 

Instructions for use: Student account conventions: All students in grades 7-12 have been and will be uploaded to HRW on a regular basis. Student accounts will be based on the existing GoogleApps (or network login accounts) already in use. Passwords will be entered as the student ID number to start.    


Personal Educational Experience

92-98    University of Michigan

   - Bachelors Mechanical Engineering

   - Masters Industrial & Operations Engineering

99-00    Eastern Michigan University

   - Teaching Certification: Math Major, Physics Minor

Teaching Experience

2000-2006    Clague Middle School: 7th/8th Connected Math and Physical Science

2006-2007    Huron High School: Geometry, Algebra 2, Analysis

2007-Now     Skyline High School: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2

Coaching Experience

AA Skyline Head Boys Basketball Coach since 2008

14 Additional Years of Coaching in Golf, Basketball and Baseball at Ann Arbor Huron HS, Clague MS and Tappan MS 1993-2007


Click this link to see my family as my kids grow up:   Coach Lovelace Family

Class Supplies that Students are Encouraged to Buy for Class

With continued financial difficulties, we do not have the budget money for the math department to have tons of supplies. To run class the way I would like, each student is encouraged to get the following supplies for themselves as we do have some of these resources in class for student use but with classes in the low to mid 30's of students, it is more convenient for the students to have their own and really helps out with how many resources we do have. 

Geometry: Compass, 6 in ruler, protractor, pack of colored pencils, scientific calculator

                        Graphing Calculator is possible but not necessary, recommend Ti84

Algebra 2: pack of colored pencils, Graphing Calculator is highly recommended: Ti84

Teaching Style

   - Build positive relationship with students

   - Make the curriculum relevant

   - Make the work rigorous

   - Consistent and effective communication

Classroom Norms

    - Safe place to learn                            - Participate and Engage

    - Take risks to problem solve              - Increase your confidence

    - Build problem solving stamina          - Respect for self and others


Check your students grades and progress at any time. Click the link below. All you need is the username and password

                                               Powerschool Link


Grades are updated on Powerschool right when assignments are graded. Grades are weighted 65% unit tests, 15% final exam, 20% quizzes/homework/activity packets/projects. See class syllabus as well for more information.

Mastery Learning

All students are expected to achieve 80% on all unit/chapter tests (quizzes are not included in mastery learning category.) If a student gets below 80%, then effort is required on the part of the student to raise their understanding. 

Here is the retake policy

    - Student scores 80% or better on the first attempt then the student is said to have mastered the material. 

    - Student scores 75-79%, do test corrections, meet with me at lunch, during class, after school to show me test corrections and then I ask some directed questions on commonly missed items to see if they are understood and when the student convinces me that it is understood, I raise the grade to 80%.

    - Student scores 74% or lower, student does test corrections, possibly also asked to do some review questions/extra practice on the concepts. When student has shown effort to better understand the material and feels ready to succeed on a retake, then the student takes a retake. On rare occasions class time will be given for this. Normally students need to schedule a day after school to retake the test in my room, not on Wednesday preferably since we have staff meetings on Wednesday's. I will give the student up to a maximum of 80% on the retake while also giving a higher percentage if the student does better on the retake when compared to the original. Test score will never go down after a retake. For our 3 tri math classes, it is more common to have a retake day built into the schedule for each unit.

Students have 2 weeks to get their score to 80% on a unit test from the day it is returned. After 2 weeks, if nothing has been done or accomplished then the score stands. This is to create a much better experience during the course of staying up on the foundational topics and providing for a better end of the course atmosphere. Some exceptions may apply.

How Can Students Best Prepare For Tests?

-       Try hard on problems in activity packet.

-       Focus on vocabulary and make sure the highlighted terms in activity packet and on note sheets in the activity packet are understood. Can use 4-square vocabulary cards to help with understanding.

-       There are suggested problems in the book on the front of the packet for additional practice and you can check odd answers in the back of the book.

-       There are additional practice problems for each chapter at the book of the book in around page 900 called “Extended Practice” and odd answers are in the back of the book.

- described above where you can get tons of resources and there is info on my site about how to access it.

-       I’m available most M,T,Th from 2:45-3:45 in room A302 after school.

-       I can make time available during lunch although it is a short amount of time. 

How Can Parents Help?

     1) Have your student discuss how they solved a problem. Students struggle to put their thoughts into words as they try to come to grips with what they are learning. Taking time to explain how to solve a problem helps to use current vocabulary and thought process and is a major focus of group work in this class.

     2) Use the email updates to check in with your student about assignments and assessments coming up. Make sure they are preparing. Don't just take their word for it. Ask to see completed assignments and quiz them on the material if possible.

     3) Check grades consistently in Powerschool to make sure they are up to date. Any missing work should be figured out and completed as soon as possible. Any test retakes under 80% need to be studied for and retaken as soon as possible.

      4) Encourage/make your child use the extra help at Skyline if he/she is struggling. I am available at lunch and after school (except Wednesday's for staff meetings.) There is after school tutoring in the library after school. You can also get your student a tutor.

      5) You may donate the following items to our classroom to help us

          - Box(es) of kleenex                      - Packs of colored pencils

          - Origami Paper (6X6)                   - Packs of #2 Pencils

Additional Resources

Click on these links for specific additional resources on interest.

  ACT Suggested Websites                      Summer Enrichment

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