Seble Dejene and Teshome Soromessa, Ethiopia


Hello, my name is Seble Dejene Tefera, I am from Ethiopia. I was born in Amhara Region, Smen-shewa zone called Enewry near to Debre-birhan town, which is 130 km away from capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. My bachelor degree is form Bahir Dar University in Plant Sciences Department. After I had graduated to my BSC immediately I joined to Addis Ababa University to peruse my Master study in the field of Environmental Sciences specialization with Atmosphere ,Energy and Climate Change. My hobby is just like watching movies and reading spiritual books.


Hello my name is Teshome Soromessa. I was born in West Shewa, Ambo and later moved to Addis Ababa where I spent most of my time both as a student and instructor in Addis Ababa University.  I have been trained in the field of plant ecology and nature conservation and received my PhD from the University of Vienna. I taught several courses and supervised/co-supervised over 40 graduate students (PhD and MSc students). I have served as examiner/pre-reviewer of many graduate theses. My recent research interest and work focuses on forest carbon stocks that primarily aimed at climate change mitigation, carbon finance and a contribution to REDD+ as a means to nature conservation and sustainable living.


It already knows that climate change is hot and global issue and my future research work is conceding with climate change, title with " Carbon Stock Estimation In Wof-Washa Natural Forest: Potential for Carbon Finance Options and Climate Change Mitigation ”.