Phu Nguy Nguyen Nhu, Kha Do Thi and Hoang Ho Dac Thai, Vietnam


Hello, my name is Nguy Nguyen Nhu Phu. 
I was born and grew up in Quang Nam- Vietnam, which have two World Heritage : Hoi An old town and My Son Sanctuary. Now, i'm studying Silviculture Master in Hue University of Agriculture and forestry. I hope have good job at governmental or non-governmental organizations and then applicant PhD scholarship in other country. This is all of my dream. I often go to bookshop with my close friends or come back my home town when i have free time.


Hello, my name is Kha. I'm from Vietnam. I growed up Binh Dinh provine, Vietnam. My university is Hue university of agriculture and forestry. I'm studying forestry source management and environment. I want to study abroad, so i'm going to find the scholarship to continue higher study, in the future. I like do housework in your free time. I realy enjoy making my room become more new....and i want to make new friends everywhere..

Hello, my name is  Ho Dac Thai Hoang. I'm Lecturer of Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry. I finished his undergraduate degree in Silviculture and Forest ecology from Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam, my  MSc degree in Agricultural System from Chiang Mai University, Thailand and a Dr. rer. nat  in Silviculture from the Freiburg University, Germany. My research focuses on silviculture, forest landscape ecology, applying GIS and RS in sustainable natural resources management.

Our research named: "Potential of Coastal Protection Forest Regeneration with Indigenous Tree Species for Typhoon Risk Reduction in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam".


- Building list of criterion to devolve the coastal protection forest for preventing wind and sand, specifically in Thua Thien Hue’s coast area basing on 3 main criterion as follows:  risk assessment, economic value, and biodiversity conservation.

-  Hierarchical mapping attached to list of criterion to concretize protection forest areas at levels: low critical level, medium critical level, high critical level.

-  Creating testing plots with native tree species on sandy soils for satisfying long-term protection function as well as bringing economic value to the local community.

  Expected outcomes:

-   List of criterion to devolve the coastal protection forests (wind preventing forest and sandy preventing forest) in Thua Thien Hue province and involved hierarchical maps.

-   Proposing native tree species consistent with protection objectives and bring economic value to the local community.