Pramila Paudyal and Deepak Rijal, Nepal


Hello, my name is Pramila Paudyal. I am permanently from Paudi Amarai, Gulmi district of Nepal. The fascinating mountains and glittering rivers made my childhood to spend in the same place enjoying the real natural beauty of my hometown. For further schooling I came in the capital Kathmandu where I am residing since 10 years. Basically, I am a student of Environmental Science. The concerning environmental issues made me realize the importance of the environment and I decided to study this subject. Currently, I am studying same subject (Environmental Science) in central department of environmental science in Tribhuwan University. As I am student of environmental science, I am really concerned about the emerging environmental issues which affects the livelihood of people. For instance the hot issue of climate change and its impact on environment and the problems people are facing is the subject of my deep interest. Thus, I am planning to work and research on the sector of climate change specially focusing its impact on agriculture and the adaptation techniques. 

In free times, I like to make good communication with my friends, make networking strong, enjoy movies and I like to dance as well. 

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My research is about '
Climate change vulnerability in agricultural productivity in Mountain of Nepal'. A case of VDC of Dolakha District. Climatic vulnerability and adaptation assessment at sub-regional or local level have been constrained due to inadequate data base and current state of knowledge available at lower scale. It is also constrained due to imperfection of vulnerability and adaptation assessment tools and techniques that can be used by local practitioners. Thus my research is focused on generating information for the immediate responses and also initiate process through which climate trends and adaptation responses can be studied in the medium and longer term basis.For this vulnerability mapping of the District will be done and the most vulnerable area will be identified.