Patricia Solís

Dr. Patricia Solís, Director of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives, AAG, is the principal investigator (PI) for the MyCOE / SERVIR Fellowship Program. As PI, she oversees preparation of the capacity building events, institute agenda, digital environments, recruitment and selection, administration, and the online publication of products from the fellowship program. Dr. Solís has designed this and many other exchange and international research collaborations to bring interdisciplinary groups of students, scholars, scientists, and educators together to address sustainable development in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  She has led large international projects through at least 50 major grants in excess of $7 million from corporate, foundation, government, and donors, such as the Ford and Kellogg Foundations, USDA, IDB, US State Department, USAID, NSF, and others on timely scientific topics.  Recently she has managed similar international geospatial training programs for 250+ participants in 45+ countries, including in Africa on Geospatial Technologies, in Central America on Biodiversity, in the Middle East on Science & Math Education, and in Southeast Asia on Environmental Science. At AAG she is responsible for developing strategic projects, including the establishment of AAG’s Developing Regions Membership program. Solís is the first female recipient of the Enlaces Award for building linkages with the Latin American research community. She serves as POC for the AAG’s Observing Organization Status to the United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP).
In her free time, she loves making up science experiments with her two young boys and dancing salsa with her engineer husband from Panama.