Betty Adegebo and Ibidun Adelekan, Nigeria


Hello, my name is Betty Adegebo. I am a native of Ondo state but live in Ibadan,Nigeria where I had my primary and secondary education. I had my Bachelor's degree in Geography Science from the University of Ibadan and I am currently enrolled as a research student in the field of Climatology in the department of Geography, University of Ibadan, for my masters degree.My long term goal is to contribute to knowledge on issues of climate, its effect on human activities and how best we can use climate as a resource. 

Hello, my name is Ibidun Adelekan. I live and work in Ibadan, Nigeria. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, where I had my primary and secondary education. I am a geographer by training with a Doctorate degree in climatology obtained from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I am presently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Ibadan where I am engaged in teaching and research. My research interests are in the areas of climate-society interactions and human dimensions of global environmental change, including vulnerability/resilience of human-environment systems to climate change. I was Principal Investigator on the UNITAR- managed ACCCA project 'Community-led Climate Adaptation Pogramme for Sustainable Livelihoods in Coastal Areas of South-Western Nigeria and a co-investigator in the on-going IDRC-IRIACC 'Coastal Cities at Risk' project. I have benefitted from conference travel grants which have afforded me the opportunity to speak at international scientific meetings and conferences. My goal as a geographer and researcher is to undertake research studies which aid better understanding of climate in the West African region, and the impacts on populations in order to inform policy and practice, and sustainable development of societies. And as a teacher, to train quality geographers who will contribute to the development of their societies through the application of geographical knowledge and principles.




Our research topic is on the effect of rainfall variation and extreme rainfall events on cassava production and cassava processing activities in Ibadan,south west Nigeria. These cassava processing activities are mostly carried out by women and with the recent events of extreme rainfall, they are faced with climate induced losses and debts. Our research is aimed at understanding and providing information for both cassava farmers and women involved in cassava processing activities on how best they can reduce their losses and promote food security in the state.