Njohjam Irene Ngum, Abie Cythia Besem, Akah Mildred Ndah Etta, Mofor Emmanuel Fondikum and Venansius Nyuydini, Cameroon

Njohjam Irene Ngum


I am Njohjam Irene Ngum, born on the 13th of july 1992 in Cameroon. I grew up in the South West region precisely in Buea where I attended my primary secondary and High school from 1997-2011 at B G. S Molyko. Presently I am enrolled at the University of Buea studying a B.Sc in Environmental Sciences which i have a lot of passion for because i intend to be a researcher where i will study all the impact faced by our community due to environmental degradation, increase level of exposure to waste and pollution. By so doing, I intend to create an NGO where my community will be sensitized on the environmental consequences of their activities and possible mitigation measures to prevent the impact; in other to attain a sustainably development since good heath begins with a clean environment.

During my leisure time, I enjoy traveling, reading novels and browsing.


1)       Hello my name is Abie Cythia Besem. I'm from Cameroon and grew up in Nguti. I’m 21 years of age and a student in the University of Buea Studying Journalism and Mass Communication. I had my Ordinary Level Certificate in 2009 in G.H S Nguti and moved to Kumba where I obtain my Advanced Level Certificate in 2011 and later enrolled in the University of Buea where I am now. As a young and aspiring lady, I aim at becoming a public relation officer and an advertiser. That notwithstanding, I also aim at becoming an outstanding broadcaster and presenter. As far as GIS is concern, I will like to educate my community on the weather changes around their environment and the need for them to participate actively in environmental decisions that concern them. Women in particular should be breast through talks in “Njagi” houses and the media on ways of taking care of their crops through different seasons of the year. For me to succeed in my career, a mastery of the happenings in my environment and my community is of great importance for interacting with the community which will help me understand my community’s problem and better seek for solutions.

During my free time, l like singing, dancing, reading and browsing. In addition to that, I love eating a lot.


I'm Akah Mildred Ndah Etta, Born on the 23rd of March 1994 in Buea- South West Region of Cameroon. I'm from Bengui Momo Division and grew up in Muyuka. I attended my primary school in a small village in Muyuka Sub division called Owe where I had my First School Leaving certificate and  later attended G. B H S Muyuka and B. G. S Molyko where I obtained my G.C.E O.L (General Certificate of Education) in 2007 -2008 while  at school I became the Senior perfect Girl. I obtained my Advanced level Certificate in 2011. After my Advanced Level I decided to enrolled in the University of Buea where am presently in my second year studying geography under the faculty of social and management sciences and also as the secretary general of the geography student association. It is a passion for me to utilize Geospatial technologies in managing water resoures; that is collecting data, analyzing, presenting and interpreting the results. It is my goal to expand the teaching of GIS to secondary schools as an attached course to information and communication technology. Involving young people through vouluteer programs on environmental protection will be part of my objective. Making the community to understand the need of sustainably conserving their natural resources.

During my free time, i dance and listen to music. 

Mofor Emmanuel Fondikum

I was born on 1987 in Douala-Cameroon, but I grew up in Buea where I attended my primary and secondary schools. I am from Chomba- North West Region of Cameroon., I obtained my Ordinary Level Certificate in 2009 and the Advanced Level Certificate in 2011in Buea
. I am presently in the University of Buea studying a B. Sc program in Geography.
After my graduation at the university of Buea, I will persue my dream of  becoming a researcher in environmental related issues plaging mankind. Acquiring knowledge in GIS/ GPS will empower me with a tool that will enhance my research plans some of which will  look at how women cope with their problems vis a vis their male counter parts engaged in the same activities. Knowing what to do when to do, how to do and where to do is of great importance in making rational decisions.

I  love music and dancing.

Venansius Nyuydini Moki

https://ae73fbf9-a-0c726439-s-sites.googlegroups.com/a/aag.org/mycoe-servirglobal/ngumcythiamildredfondikum/PASSPORT%20%282%29.JPG?attachauth=ANoY7cpVXljTPkQUDZ8PXqCBtRhBvV24uiqB4OyI4mmPiwukrnkphnvt3tl3fh-pGlHv6CKmROCkvd082F4EtdZRCPuNdmDSYa3Kg9DUhbbMQbCse3O_sSCgTe_oGC4Y_k-m3wc1GQXzkRXr6VQ4PZiEKen3bPpy8Hd93o9ylzDtzgsfeqPsOFMSIDArmGLjx8Mp4usQ0qsTrhfslYrfekms52VizP0PTM_PCTT7s4DUkkOAhpDCylyQdJVqR6a3y41yX8mMWkbZ&attredirects=0 I was  born in Shisong- Cameroon (1983) where I grew up. After primary education, I was admitted in the Government Bilingual High School Kumbo (G.B.H.S) and later in Christ the King High School Kumbo where I obtained my Ordinary Level GCE Certificate.In 2002; I attended G.B.H.S Kumbo and graduated in 2004 with an Advance Level Certificate in three papers. I later undertook computer software studies in OfficePro Group Computer Literacy Centre noticing the growing use of computer technology in research and other academic activities. In 2005, I obtained a Diploma in computer software studies and later enrolled in the University of Buea in 2005 and graduated with B.Sc honours in Geography. Later, in 2008, I attended a conference on Geographic information systems organised by ERudeF in Buea- a conference which gave me the passion to study more about GIS technologies after seeing how GIS applicability can solve the geographic problems. My zeal for GIS technologies became a reality when on July 2009, I was employed to work with Environmental Resource Trust (ERet-Cameroon); an NGO with an objective of ensuring environmental sustainability through the use of GIS/Remote sensing technologies. From 2009 till present, I have been working as a GPS Data Collector and a GIS trainer/assistant with ERet-Cameroon. In 2011, I carried out the mapping of the Toko and Kombo Itindi Municipality for MUDEC GROUP (NGO) to be used in the developmental projects plan of these municipalities. I still yearn for more skills in GIS/Remote sensing and plan to expand the knowledge of GIS/Remote sensing to municipal councils, NGOs, Government departments, local communities and schools as a means ensuring sustainability in resource management. Incorporating GIS in primary school and secondary school syllabus is of great importance in community building.

My leisure time is spent mostly on browsing on the internet and watching football. I also enjoy singing and listening to music.



Our research project centers on sensitizing the Nguti community on the effects of climate change and women's participation in coping with these challenges of climate change.The research will investigate the local adaptations to climatic variability and sought better ways of adaptability with the use of geospatial technologies. It will futher look in detail  women participation in climate change and food security through the use of spatial technology. It will include the application of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) in spatial data analysis for sustainable land use planning and development. During the research, spatial analysis, presentations will show the use of thematic maps and other geographic visualization tools and technology to acquire, process and report information from a spatial perspective.My accomplishments by the end of this research is to make sure the community is versed with the various effects of climate change and equally knows how to prevent and deals with these natural phenomenon.To add to this i intend to encourage the community to engage more on sustainable farming activities especially the cultivation of food crops to complement cash crops.The research will seek ways of integrating women in community developmental project.

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