Natalie Ellis and Roddy Fox, South Africa



Hi! My name is Natalie Ellis. I was born and grew up KZN, South Africa, but am currently studying at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape. I have just completed my 3rd year of study in Environmental Science and Geography and next year I will be doing my Honours degree in Environmental Water Management. I have always loved geography, ever since high school, and have a particular interest in fluvial systems. Once I have completed my Honours degree I hope to continue with a career in water resource monitoring as I feel this is an incredibly important issue in Africa, where water is such a scarce resource. In my free time I like to watch movies and play PC games. I also like to read, but I do so much reading when I’m working that I’m often too tired to do more reading when I’m relaxing. I also enjoy photography and will sometimes take my camera and go for a walk, looking for interesting things to photograph. 
Hi! My name is Roddy Fox. I am from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. I studied for my PhD at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and subsequently became an academic at Kenyatta University, Kenya (1979-85) and Rhodes University, South Africa (1985 to present). Most weeks I post into my blog at - please visit to see what I am involved with and passionate about.  I am currently involved in trying to establish a Sustainable African Futures Academy which would be centred at Rhodes University with partners across sub-Saharan Africa offering modules for a collaborative PhD programme. If you want to get a flavour of what that futures studies might mean you could look at  I have a long standing interest in the development of peripheral regions. Part of that has taken place in the rural areas and small towns of South Africa.


My research is going to focus on how climate change has affected resource availability, especially water, in rural areas of the Transkei Region, and whether this has been the driver behind the changes in land use, from agriculture to kitchen gardens, in the communities who live there.