Jannatul Naim and Shamsul Alam, Bangladesh

Hello, I am  JANNATUL NAIM. I come  from Rajshahi although my birth place was Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have grown up in different districts because of my father's job. Now I am 22 years old and I have just completed my B.Sc final Exams. Knowing the unknown is my favorite hobby. 
My future goal is to be a good person and to contribute something for the society. I like Teaching profession, Research and Innovation fields.
I am the student of Geography and Environmental Studies of Rajshahi University. 
My Favorite teacher is Prof. Shamsul Alam who is now my mentor.
I like  gossiping, reading and watching movie at my free time.

Hello, my name is SHAMSUL ALAM. I was born in Sylhet, grown up in different district towns of the country and now  working   at Rajshahi- the silk city. I Consider myself as youth of 63, always straight forward. Looking future as continuation of past through present with forward looking vision. My future goal is to work for a better future for all, particularly the poor.

I obtained my Ph.D. On Geography from the Banaras Hindu University, India,  worked as Academic  Fellow in the Department of Agriculture & Environm,ental Sciences, University of Nrew Castle. As a senior Fulbright Scholar was a visiting faculty in the Department of Geography & Earth Science, University of Wisconsin, (La Crosse), U.S.A.

As a geographer I have the option to work in diverse areas but mostly concentrating on the environmental issues. Contributed a chapter in the book "Climate Change:Perspectives and Issues of Bangladesh" and also published few articles in that field. Currently working on 'spatio-temporal variation of rainfall in Bangladesh' and would like to see how the changes are  going to affect the flooding, helath and agriculture of the country.


The topic of our research is'
Women Health, Vulnerability and Adaptation due to Climate Change: A Study on the Hilly Regions of Bangladesh'. People health will be affected by Climate change but it is predicted that women health are the worst sufferer and will face vulnerability due to climate change. Already women are suffering much at the time of disasters, wanting for drinking water, security and at the time of pregnancy.

Although there are many studies about women health in develop and underdeveloped countries but there are little research base on community level. Besides, the changes of mental and physical conditions of women due to climate change are not so much highlighted. This study is an attempt to show the past and present women health comparatively and to identify the actual changes of mental and physical condition of women in respect of climate change.