Michael Solem

Dr. Michael Solem is the lead internal evaluator and team coordinator for the MyCOE / SERVIR Fellowship Program. He has been the AAG's Educational Affairs Director since 2003. At AAG, he directs many federally funded initiatives including the Enhancing Departments and Graduate Education in Geography (EDGE) and Center for Global Geography Education (CGGE) projects, both funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). He has served as the external evaluator for the NSF-funded Geography Faculty Development Alliance project and the Ethics Education for Geospatial Professionals project.Dr. Solem serves as the North American coordinator of the International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography in Higher Education (INLT), is associate director of the Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education at Texas State University—San Marcos, and is Treasurer for the International Geographical Union’s Commission on Geographical Education. He also serves as Evaluator for the NSF funded ALIGNED Project and the Catalyzing Research on Geographies of Broadening Participation Project at AAG.