Matthew Hamilton

Matt Hamilton is a PhD student at the University of California, Davis. His fieldwork focuses on use the use of spatial data for climate change adaptation in the Lake Victoria Basin. In addition to his research, Matt works with the AAG and other groups to support the Lake Victoria Urban Mapping Project. As part of these activities, he has helped to train university students and urban planning professionals in Uganda on applications of geographic technologies for sustainable development. Matt’s previous research has focused on the use of participatory satellite photo interpretation for water resource management in Central America, and on agricultural decision-making in the United States. As part of this work, he also organized several workshops on web-based mapping applications, open-source geographic technologies, and participatory research techniques. Between 2002 and 2009, Matt worked several times for the AAG, most recently as Developing Regions Program Coordinator. He helped support the MyCOE program in different capacities during these periods, particularly during capacity building events abroad. Matt also worked for several years in Paraguay as an agricultural extensionist with the Peace Corps, focusing on food security and natural resource management.