Khin Seint Seint Aye and Oleg Shipin, Myanmar


    Hello, my full name is Khin Seint Seint Aye (name = SEINT SEINT) and
I was born in  middle region of Myanmar.After happily  passing my childhood  life with friends and family,I  passed the matriculation exam with four distinctions. And then I made a decision to study at the University Of Pharmacy, Yangon.In this university,we learnt both theories and practicals for many subjects. Meanwhile,we observed at the practical workplace such as pharmaceutical industries and hospitals. During my student's life,I decided to participate in extracurricular activities such as internship in my free time to obtain valuable volunteer experiences. At the same time I occasionally tried the performance improvement programs at capacity development centers  to develop teamwork skills for challenges. After learning so many valuable things,I graduated from the University of Pharmacy at January 2013. As a fresh graduate, I am eager to get an advanced education,so I am currently attending the international Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok with the specialization in Environmental Engineering Management because our country is just a developing country and  requires qualified personnel with broader background knowledge in both health science and environmental management for both government and industries.I enthusiastically  wish to make effective management of environmental toxicity leading to environmental  health through sanitation systems. By doing this, we will surely reduce danger to our ecosystems.



Hello, my name is Oleg SHIPIN, I am a South African with Siberian roots. I work in South East Asia as an Associate professor at the international university - Asian Institute of Technology - since 2002. With my international students I study and enhance environmental management in all the South East Asian region and much wider: from Afghanistan to Papua. And even more than that:  from Colorado to Africa and Australia. My present focus is the environment of Myanmar. With such a range, naturally, Remote Sensing and GIS approach is a must to keep one's finger on ecosystems' pulse  


The Title is "The Impact of famous Floating Gardens on the environment and livelihoods of a prominent wetland, Inle lake, Central Myanmar"Main objective: To assess specific impact of the Floating Gardens in Inle lake with a view to providing impact mitigation plan and preventing an imminent environmental collapse of the natural lake ecosystem.  Specific objectives:  1. In-depth study of the impact of the Floating Gardens by a technique of Participatory Rural Appraisal guiding further data collection through water analyses underpinned by GIS and RS techniques facilitated by SERVIR.  2. Inform local stakeholders (particularly local communities, aqua- and agricultural companies and relevant government departments) of the major cumulative impact exerted by the unabated growth of the Gardens, particularly when cumulated with other impacts (climate change, municipal pollution, erosion, etc). 3. Support decision-making process leading to mitigation of perceived anthropogenic and climate change-related impacts with regard to aquacultural developments in and around Inle lake.