Antara Dasgupta, Urvi Lakhera and Suneet Naithani, India

Antara Dasgupta

Hello everyone, my name is Antara Dasgupta. I was born and raised in Delhi. I have completed my Bachelors in Chemistry from Delhi University and currently I am pursuing my Masters in Natural Resource Management from Doon University, Dehradun. I am an avid reader and a music lover and love traveling to new places and meeting new people. Being very passionate about the environment, a passion kindled and strengthened by an association with Greenpeace, India I decided to contribute to the cause of combating climate change. After studying various geospatial techniques I realised how useful they can be in the field of sustainable development and that the plethora of opportunities they offer remain woefully unexplored. Therefore, I am really looking forward to this association with AAG and hope to be able to expand my horizons by working under such esteemed guides. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Urvi Lakhera

Hello,my name is Urvi Lakhera. I am born and brought up in Delhi. I did my graduation from Ramjas College,Delhi University in B.Sc. Environmental Studies and currently pursuing M.Sc. Environmental Studies from Doon University. Being a student of environmental science and nature lover, I have developed interest towards conserving and protecting the environment and the interest further strengthened during my internship at WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). During the course of my studies I have visited many beautiful places with natural scenic beauty i.e. Himalayas, rich in flora and fauna and as a tourist I realized the threats that surround such places and are on the verge of degradation due to human interference, so it is my ardent desire to learn in depth about the potential threats that surround their existence. I aspire to contribute to the cause of conservation and protection in my future and get hands on experience by living in the Himalayas and understanding in depth the causes and remediation required. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity.


Dr. Suneet Naithani

Hello, my name is Dr. Suneet Naithani. My birth place is Lansdown Garhwal, M.Sc. in Geology, Ph.D in integrated studies and also done PG Diploma in Remote Sensing. Presently I'm a faculty member, at the School of Environmental Sciences, Doon University, visited 5 countries for conference and training programmes. I am also the Life Member of scientific societies with several publications to my credit.  I am a Recognized Trainer (RT) of Training Need Analysis, Govt. of India. I have in my credit two books published by Lap Lambert Publications, Germany. My future goal is to conduct research which is really helpful for vulnerable communities and for science. In my free time I love to spend my time with my family and do household jobs, I used to play T.T. and I love to sing and listen to songs too. Thanks for providing us such an opportunity to learn.


The topic our our research is "Spatial and Temporal Variations in Precipitation and their Impacts on the Doonagiri Glacier, Uttarakhand, and its Adjoining Habitats. The purpose of the study is to use geo-informatics for analyzing the status of the Doonagiri glacier, Uttarakhand, India with respect to climate change in the past decades. The primary focus will be on precipitation variability. The impact of the same on the habitats and residents those are not equipped to cope with the effects of climatic anomalies. Socio-economic impacts will be analyzed using PRA/PLA techniques. The biodegradable and non biodegradable waste with disposal methods will be studied.  The outcome of the study will be shared with students of university and the findings will be shared with all stakeholders.