Baruka Jethro and Kalinde Riziki, Democratic Republic of Congo



Hello, my name is Jethro BARUKA. I'm from Congo, DRC where i was born and grow up. I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Kisangani in Agronomy fiels/Pedology. A part from my studies I'm still work with different local NGO in the field of agriculture and biodiversity conservation as BICORN. I'm still very interested in agriculture issues specifically in sol science, and I plan to continue my studies in this field and be able to make some proposal to different challenges that farmers are facing in my country. As agriculture still the more vulnerable sector to negatives impacts of climate change, I wish to have also sufficient skill in this field to enhance the adaptation capacity of farmers. I hope that my participation in this programme is an opportunity for me to exchange the experience from my country with other fellows and gain more knowledge on how different tools (GIS)can be use to deal or support adaptation initiatives. I hope also to create new network for further collaboration. 


Hello, my name is KALINDE RIZIKI KABWE from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Holding a Bsc in Ecology from the University of Kasugho and a Master Degree in Management, Access and Conservation of Species in trade from the International University of Andalucia (Spain). I undertake different other training in different other field as climate change: climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment (University of Caddy Ayad, Moroco), Climate change and Biodiversity Conservation (University of Dar Es Salaam), Climate change Diplomacy, Natural Resource Management in Post Conflict Country,... Currently I'm working with the Kasugho University, Biodiversity Conservation network and the Congolese Wildlife Authority.

I'm more involved in research activities in Biodiversity conservation policy and climate change. I was been interested in climate change issues since 2009 when I was a policy fellow for the first round of the African Climate Change Fellowship Programme.

I'm a member of different network in Africa and I want to extend for more collaboration and exchange in my field of expertise so that I can learn more about how other are facing different environment challenges. To be a dedicated research and policy advisor to influence policy in the field of biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and climate change still my career objectives
The research project is untitle: "Application of GIS tool in understanding and decision making to cope with climate change in the East of DR Congo"In most region local population have been experienced climate change impacts that affect livelihood particularly in agriculture sector. Little is known about climate change issues (vulnerability, impact, adaptation strategies…) in the Eastern region of DR Congo particularly in mountain areas.

The purpose of this research is to increase awareness on climate change issue by using GIS tools for decision making. This project will am at identifying the main climate threats that affect agriculture and food security; identifying existing coping strategies, Identifying needs and priorities for reducing the vulnerability and use GIS tools to increase awareness on climate change issue and mapping change.