Final Project Report Instructions

Congratulations! You are now ready to submit your final report to the program after at least three months of research and hard work.  We are anxious to hear about your results and to share them with the world.
To do so, please use the templates that have already been created for you on this website.  By now you have permissions to edit this entire website, so it is very important that you ONLY edit your own team's page and NO other page in the website Be sure that you are logged in to your Google Account for the Editing tools to appear.
Start by navigating to the page listing all of the Teams.  Find your project title and select that link.  You will open to a template page that you can replace the text with your own information by clicking on the Edit Page button at the top, like this:
Please fill in each section as instructed on this template, and be sure to "Save" often.  You may add more than what is requested, but please include items for everything listed in the template.  At a minimum you should have :
  • An executive summary of about 150 to 200 words
  • A photo, ideally an action picture that includes you in the shot
  • A map or geographic image depicting project results
  • A description (with sections as indicated in the template) that focuses on the activities and outcomes of your work; be sure to include a reference to any publications that may have arisen from the project
  • Please include any bibliographic references at the end, either after the report on the page itself or you may also upload it as an attachment to the page.  We encourage proper citations of any external sources you may have used in your report.
You may also add other content, like Attachments, Comments, or insert items like Presentations, hyperlinks, documents, tables, or anything else you would like to publish on the site that is of good quality. These extra items are optional.
You may come back to your page as often as you like to made edits.  As soon as you consider that it is complete, and by July 2, 2010, please send me an email with the link to your finished page and a request for me to release the final project evaluation and your last half of the stipend. Of course questions are welcomed, and do consider posting any requests for clarification to the listserv in case others may also have the same query (or post it as a Comment to this page if you prefer).
For more help using this tool, please see Google Sites Help.