Research Agenda

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To cite: Solís, Patricia, et al. (Ed., 50 Co-authors). 2011. Climate Change and Hazards in the Americas: International Interdisciplinary Research Directions and  Opportunities. [Cambio Climático y Riesgos en las Américas: Directrices y oportunidades de investigación interdisciplinaria internacional.] Washington, DC : Association of American Geographers. ISBN 0615408338.
The Research Agenda includes:
  • Intellectual contributions to how spatial analytical approaches can aid in integration of interdisciplinary approaches to improve understanding of the dynamics of climate change and expected hazard impacts
  • Identification of an appropriate set of questions, and development of recommendations for how the knowledge necessary to address those questions can best be produced within an interdisciplinary setting. It is expected that the institute will find gaps in integration of macro / micro data, in understanding dynamics of vulnerability, and in technical abilities to accomplish a spatially explicit, dynamic collaboration across the region
  • Exploration of tensions among an advanced scholarly program on hazards, the uncertainty of climate change science, communication theories around various cultural audiences, and differences among disciplinary perspectives that present an opportunity to advance knowledge individually and collectively. Working through these tensions will be instructive for effectively integrating multi-disciplinary knowledge on the subject
  • Articulation of further questions for advancing understanding and addressing educational and communication needs around complex scientific knowledge of climate change and disaster preparedness, response, and recovery
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