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The following are citations for other scholarly, academic, report, or news articles of relevance with no link, url, or attachment available without a subscription or access to the publication.  For resources posted here, please search or upload to the clearinghouse.
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Author (Last, First)TitleYEARJournal and Issue, Vol, Page or Publication NameRecommended byType
Author (Last, First)TitleYEARJournal and Issue, Vol, Page or Publication NameRecommended byType
Wisner, B., P. Blaikie, T. Cannon, I. Davis At Risk: Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability and Disasters 2003 At Risk: Natural Hazards, People’s Vulnerability and Disasters. Routledge, New York. Chapters 1, 2 and 3, in particular. John Tiefenbacher Book 
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Weiss, C. Expressing Scientific Uncertainty 2003 Law, Probability, and Risk 2(1): 25-46 Craig Colten Journal Article 
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