Working Groups Present

Below is a detailed schedule for the presentations of the respective working groups.  These groups emerged from the Working Group Formation process during week one and they met during breaks and in sessions set aside for working group meetings to prepare draft white papers and sections for the research agenda deliverables.  This all-day session on Thursday of week two took place at the UTP-Tumba Muerto campus (edificio postgrado) and provided a forum for feedback, revisions, and integration of the teams' work.  It was open to the public and was Webcasted.  The teams took questions from the online audience.
08:30-9:30    Group Preparations
9:30 - 9:45     Welcome / Introductions
9:45-10:45     Group 1: Azul-Blue
Climate Change and  Hazards: Building Local Resilience through Communication
10:45-11:00          Break
11:00-12:00    Group 2: Cornbread/Patacones/Yam
Visualization of Slow-Onset Hazards: Influencing Perceptions and Behaviors, Facilitating Adaptation Planning
12:00-13:00            Lunch
13:00-14:00    Group 3: Kuna
Mapping Local Knowledge of Climate Change and Hazards to Inform Research, Policy, and Practice in the Americas
14:00-14:15            Break
14:15-15:15    Group 4: Las Americas
An Exploration of the Relationship Between Land Use and Hazards in the Context of Climate Change
15:15-15:30            Break
15:30-16:30    Group 5: Sacapuntas
Double Exposure: Examining Vulnerability, Mitigation, and Adaptation Through Case Studies in the Americas
16:30-17:00    Wrap Up