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Language Arts Novel Project #5

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I. Use the Summary forms provided to write a clear summary of each book section (First ¼,

second ¼, third ¼, and last ¼). Write in present tense. Your summaries should explain:

  1. Setting: When and where does the story take place? Are there special customs in this setting?
  2. Main Character: Describe his/her important actions, words, thoughts and feelings and how others react to him/her. What kind of person do these elements show him/her to be?
  3. Conflict: What problems does the character face? How does the character deal with them?
  4. For the last ¼ section, add:

1. Climax and resolution

2. Character Analysis: How does the character grow or change in thoughts or behavior   as a result of his/her experiences? What was he/she like at the beginning, and how did he/she change? What made him/her change?


II. Select 10 vocabulary words from each of the four sections. (Bonus for additional words)

  1. Copy the sentence from the book, underline the word, and give the page number.
  2. Write a clear definition of the word that you understand. (Bonus for synonyms also)
  3. Use the word in your own sentence.


Approximately ¼ of the novel will be due each week on Thursday. Do not be late.

You do not need to write a summary for each chapter. Simply summarize the elements requested for that ¼ of the book.

Each Thursday, turn in all summaries beginning with the first section.

Staple your Book Information Form on top.

Even if your work is not complete, you will receive partial credit.


Due dates for Summaries are:

First ¼ due Thurs. Jan. 24

First ½ due Thurs. Jan. 31

First ¾ due Thurs. Feb. 7

All due on Wed. Feb. 13


The entire summary packet (4 sections) will be due Wednesday, February 13.

Add an original illustrated Cover Page with Title & Author. Put your heading in the top right corner: your first and last name, date, class (LA 7, LA 8, LA 8H) and period number.

Take your AR test on the due date (2/13/13) in the library during class or independently at lunch.


California State Standards 8th Grade:

RL8.3.2 Evaluate plot elements

RL8.3.3 Analyze literary characters

RL8.3.4 Analyze setting

RL8.3.5 Analyze themes

WC8.1.1 Write effective sentences.

WC8.1.4 Edit for correct grammar

WC8.1.5 Punctuation & capitalization

WC8.1.6 Spelling

California State Standards 7th Grade:

RL7.3.2 Evaluate plot elements

RL7.3.3 Analyze literary characters

RL7.3.4 Analyze themes

WA7.2.5 Write summaries of reading materials

WC 8.1.1 Write effective sentences.

WC7.1.4 Edit for sentence errors & punctuation

WC7.1.6 Capitalization

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