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 No Griefing!!!!!!

^This is OurGolden Rule^  

If it is not yours Don't touch it! 
We regularly check the logs, and block edits, and we ban and/or rollback edits without hesitation.

Please take it easy on bad language, we usually will warn if we find it a problem.

No arguing on server, if you have a problem, tell an OP, or take the argument off server, I find extensive arguing very annoying, and my ban without warning.   

Don't ask to be an OP on server. If you must let me know you want to be an OP, send me an E-mail (A404@A404.org).
As most of my Ops will tell you, I hate people who ask consistently.     

Don't kill people in the creative worlds, unless its an act of self defense, someone is Griefing, or overstaying their welcome in your house. Killing will get you put in jail.

No Griefing!!!!!!