Stay Tuned, as we are taking a little break from running the server, after more than 2 years on the internet. we will be back soon 
Welcome to the A404.ORG Minecraft Server

A404.org is a server designed to have something for everyone, we ensure this by having eight worlds linked in the server, and staying as current as possible. 
These worlds include; 
1 main world, (player arena coming soon) 
1 creative world with a separate inventory set
 1 world for factions 
1 survival world just for exploring 
1 Nether world
1 End world
1 Equestrian world for the Bronies
1 Hunger Games world for fun

We are a Brony friendly server, as the Owner Loves My Little Pony. 

Don't hate until you have tried it.    

We are running on a set of Xeon 5520's which gives us 16 logical processors to play with 
We have 48GB of RAM, and need more... so if you love the server please donate 
RAM (DDR3 10600 ecc)  or money to a404@a404.org.

We aim to keep everyone happy, but we do not tolerate Griefing. If it is not yours, don't destroy it. 
We use LogBlock to keep track of all block edits and to cut down on Griefers.  
{Griefing includes vandalism of player creations, A404 community builds, spawn builds,
as well as mass terrain defacement; forrest fires, strip mines.
Spam and chat abusivness is also considered Griefing.}
Current Admin List
Nubsomus (Nub)

Current Op List
12inchloveclub (Twelve)
xxskinnyxmanxx (Nichoel)
Professoroppy (Oppy)
Greaseization (Grease)
{List may be subject to change at any time.}
On the Side Bar
The static map  will display a high detail map of the world. 
updated at 4AM EST.

The A404 Live Map will show a live map with players on the server
as well as different world views/models.


Destroying others items, or general mayhem, will get your edits rolled back, banned, or both.   

Any questions comments,or concerns, please send them to;