Aplington Parkersburg High School FTC TEAM 2015 Guidelines

This year marks the beginning for an Aplington Parkersburg High School Team to participate and compete in the First Tech Challenge (FTC).  We received a John Deere grant.  As recipients of the grant, A-P FTC group needs to follow the guidelines listed below:

1. The team will meet at least weekly for at least two hours throughout the season. 

2. Coaches will participate in a training session for coaches if available. 

3. The teams will participate in at least one tournament, which may be a regional or championship event. 

4. The coach will be responsible for managing the team and for participating in a post-season evaluation. 

5. Display the logo provided by John Deere on the team robot, pit, website and shirts. 

Returning Teams: 

6. Participate in at least 3 community outreach activities throughout the year 

The FIRST Tech Challenge is more than a robotics program. FIRST provides students an opportunity to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  First is a great way for students to work on engineering and programming skills.

We are very excited about the opportunity to design and program the robot for First Tech Challenge competitions.  
Wish Us Luck!

Mrs. Nancy Flanigan