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Company History/Bio:

A-1 Electric Heat & Air
17600 S. Sooner Road
Norman OK 73071

Steve and his father opened a small electrical business in May of 1986. He was 23 years old and his father was 41 years old. Steve was very ambitious and full of energy. He was anxious to learn from his father's knowledge and experience. In August of 1987 Steve decided to branch out and open up his own business, A-1 Electric Co. He worked out of his single car garage, at his home that he shared with his wife Carla. He started out running ads in the Bargain Post to install ceiling fans for $25.00 each. It was not a good time to open a business on pure heart and soul. The oil bust had just happened, interest rates were at 21% and the housing market was at a stand still. That winter Carla and Steve starved for work, but they had no choice but to put all there energy into making this company viable. Carla and Steve survived on what little work Steve could get and Carla's pay check from her job at Frontier St. Bank.

The next summer brought hope and some income as Steve picked up remodeling jobs and repeat customers. In 1988 Carla quit her job at Frontier St. Bank and started working with Steve full time at A-1. They were taking a big risk giving up a guaranteed income, but they had faith that A-1 would become a great company. In January 1989, Steve and Carla's tenacity paid off; They signed their first contract with a builder for new construction homes. They finally began to make a steady income and had enough work to require hiring their first employee. Before they knew it the economy had turned around and they were running a company that was in need of more space than their garage provided. They moved the business to a 600 square foot office on 15th and South High Street in Oklahoma City. They purchased 2 trucks and hired more employees. After just two years they once again were in need of more space. The company had expanded to five trucks and sixteen employees.

A-1 Electric relocated to Steve's uncle's 4,000 square foot shop at 40th & S. High. In 1995 they had the opportunity to pick up a large HVAC account. With only a limited license, Steve had to test to upgrade his license in order to obtain the account. He passed the test, got the account and everything was falling into place. All the hard work was paying off. Four years later they were up to 45 employees running 17 trucks, working in all areas of electric and heating and air (residential, commercial, and remodeling). In 2000 they moved to a 10,000 square foot building in Norman on Sooner Road. By 2003 they had over 100 employees, running over 35 trucks. They decided it was too much to handle and still give the quality customer service that A-1 had always provided. The company down sized to 80 employees.

In December of 2012, Jonathan Jackson was brought on as a third owner. He became an invaluable asset to the growth of A-1. From 2012 to 2016 A-1 grew from installing 400 HVAC systems a year to over 1,000 HVAC systems in 2016. A-1 brought on another large builder and implemented new quality control standards to improve our quality and proficiency.  It is, and will always be, A-1's goal to provide a quality product for the right price in a timely manner.



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