To chill here at the 80 Strong site you must be over 21 years old.  If you're under 21 go home to your mother little boy, and come back when you're old enough.

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You made it to, the official one and only authorized 80 Strong Genuine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey site.

You may climb mountains or rescue kitties from a burning house, but you'll never, ever come close to what you're about see, hear and learn right here. Read on son and make your mother proud...

A Little Something About Independent Spirit Brands

Independent, these days, means variety…options…
opportunity…freedom.  Everyone knows how independent films and independent music have given consumers more variety, and given artists more opportunity to reach consumers then has ever existed before.  The liquor business today is a lot like the film and music business was fifteen or twenty years ago, overwhelmingly controlled by a few huge corporations.  Gradually independent liquor brands are beginning to gain recognition and acceptance and consumers like you are discovering all the good stuff they have to choose from.


80 Strong is one of the few independently owned alcoholic beverage brands in the market.  We feel that independent brands offer the consumer, options for a richer variety of products, creatively inspired and of superior quality.  So check out the site, learn about the brand, have fun and if you want any more information, have questions or just want to say hello shoot us on email.

"From Our Still to Your Glass"
80 Strong is bourbon, handmade in a Bardstown distillery that has been family-owned for generations. Every step of the process is overseen by a master-distiller with decades of experience in his craft. 80 Strong is aged and blended just right to deliver an amazingly smooth and delicious taste. For the price, there is no better bourbon available.  In an independent taste test by the Bourbon Boys, 80 Strong scored higher than Jack Daniels, Beams Choice and Wild Turkey.

Here's what the Bourbon Boys had to say about
80 Strong:

“...smooth & velvety...”

“...finish is soft and the sweetness lingers pleasantly...”

“...holds its own against nationally ranked brands.”

The Bourbon Boys are a group of bourbon aficionados who write about bourbon, rate bourbon, educate people on bourbon and most of all love to drink bourbon. The Bourbon Boys always taste test bourbon blind with other bourbons of the same proof and age, naked and in a snifter. (The bourbon is naked, not The Bourbon Boys - at least this is what we think). Contact The Bourbon Boys at

Now you know something about 80 Strong feel free to go anywhere on this site that tickles your fancy. The photos you'll see are sent in by our 80 Strong drinkers and friends. If you have a photo that you think would fit in here send it on in and we'll post it up.

Whats New:

You can now order 80 Strong online, makes a great birthday gift, anniversary present or hunting accessory plus each order comes with some SWAG. Click here to be magically taken right to the 80 Strong order page.