Daniel and Jocelyn's Wedding Information Page

Engagement Pictures

Daniel Chappell and Jocelyn Robertson are getting married Friday, the 29th of July 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you two fall in love?
Well, Jocelyn fell in love before Daniel. She fell in love in the beginning of  March, while Daniel didn't fall until the END of March. Jocelyn was very patient.

Where is the wedding going to be held?
At the Newport Beach Temple. We've included a map (on the right) so that you can see where it is. Isn't that temple beautiful?

Why are you choosing to be married there?
Daniel and Jocelyn understand that marriage is more than a promise between two people, but rather a sacred covenant between two people and their loving Heavenly Father. The sanctity of a temple marriage requires that it be performed in a sacred edifice dedicated to the Lord: the temple.

Where is your ring exchange ceremony going to be held?
In Atlanta, GA, on the 6th of August at Maggiano's in Atlanta. We've included a map (bottom right) so that you can see where it is. More details to follow.

Why are you choosing to exchange rings there?
Since the sacredness of LDS temples requires appropriate preparation and worthiness to enter, we want to honor those who are important in our lives in a setting where all may participate. Besides, we hear Maggiano's has delectable cuisine and it's close to Daniel's family.

When did you get engaged?
Saturday, April 23rd, Daniel officially asked Jocelyn to be his wife while they were enjoying the Washington DC Temple grounds.The dogwoods were in bloom and the trees rustled in the warm spring air. (Daniel wanted Jocelyn to not write that sentence because he thinks it's too cheesy.)

When was your first kiss?
On St. Patrick's Day, Jocelyn forgot to wear green and she got pinched a ridiculous number of times by her coworkers. When she shared this fact with Daniel, he quickly volunteered to come over and get in on the pinching action.

Let's just say, he didn't pinch her.

Why is your wedding date awesome?
7/29/11 Jocelyn suggested the date to Daniel (after talking with Tamara, the mastermind of calendaring). Daniel pondered the idea (he was thinking late November, but we all know how patient Jocelyn is) and decided that the date was perfect since:
  • 7 + 2 = 9
  • 2 + 9 = 11
  • 7, 29, and 11 are prime numbers
It's mathematically beautiful. (Jocelyn just smiles, while Daniel is quite tickled.)

What is Jocelyn's favorite shirt that Daniel wears?

Jocelyn is always surprised how much she loves Daniel's orange, checked dress shirt. It seems like it should wash him out, but he just looks stunning.

What shoes does Daniel love to see Jocelyn wearing?
Well, Daniel likes to remind Jocelyn that shoes are for outside and not inside. Barefoot is cool.

Where are Daniel and Jocelyn registered?

Bed Bath & Beyond

Newport Beach LDS Temple