Essential Planning and Support for the IT Pro

Windows 7 will be the successor to Windows XP for most organizations running Windows clients. What can system administrators expect when upgrading to the new operating system? What are the most important differences for the IT pro, and how does all this new technology work? This book has the answers—clear, simple, and to the point. The subjects in this book focus on real-world experience, giving you the technical information you need without the marketing chat.

Windows 7 for XP Professionals benefits IT professionals who are responsible for setting up and maintaining medium- to large-size networks. The book contains an in-depth overview of the essential changes since Windows XP in terms of deploying, managing, securing, and migrating to Windows 7. The new version of Windows offers unprecedented opportunities—and challenges. Let Windows 7 for XP Professionals help make your migration seamless.
What others say about Windows 7 for XP Professionals:
Tony Krijnen (Microsoft Netherlands):"Windows 7 for XP Professionals is een gemakkelijk (Engels) leesbaar boek wat nu al mijn favoriete bron is om de nieuwe deployment tools beter te begrijpen. Voor de EUR 39,95 hoef je hier niet over na te denken, gewoon downloaden."
A member of the Microsoft Deployment team writes: "I really like the book. I have showed it to several people here and the consensus is that it is a great book, especially for people who are moving to Windows 7 from Windows XP. It doesn't get too deep into things yet it is still very technical and provides very pertinent and relevant information for the IT Pro audience."  
ISBN/EAN    :  978-90-72389-04-6
Title             :  Windows 7 for XP Professionals
Subtitle        :  Essential Planning and Support for the IT Pro
Author          :  Raymond P.L. Comvalius
Release        :  November 6, 2009
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