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This website features various Segway HT encounters throughout our area. As a forward looking technology company the Network embraces innovation and we often find ourselves playing the role of “early adopters” of products and services that eventually become commonplace. We hope the spirit of innovation that products like the Segway exemplify always stays strong in America and that every generation of Americans continue to enjoy the thrill of the newest thing! Click on the links below to see photos of the Segway in action and next time you see us around give us a shout and take it for a spin.

What does the press say about the Segway: Walt Mossberg, of the Wall Street Journal, stated on April 10, 2003: "My verdict is that the Segway HT is great fun to ride, is safe and stable, and is a truly impressive use of digital technology. It is easy to learn, and in many ways is just plain amazing."

The Segway inventer Dean Kamen is a man that from a young age was destine to change the world. Like many gifted inventors his skills seemed to come naturally. In school many of his instructors now readily admit that they learned more from him than they ever imparted on this driven student.

Dean is also a natural promoter and his magnetic personality came in handy many times when selling investors and/or end users on his life improving inventions. Prior to his revolutionary Segway there were many life-improving inventions like the first portable IV and later portable kidney dialysis machines.

Now, after years of development, the Segway HT is available to the public and I can say first-hand that folks love it. The Segways have made many public appearances and hundreds have ridden it and almost all got the famous Segway grin. Many describe it as magic. Congressman Roscoe Bartlett and friends attended a party at the Keys Cafe. There was great food, a baseball game and the Segway HT. Even in crowded environments like a baseball stadium the Segway is right at home. It blends into any pedestrian situation with uncanny ease. It is truly an extension of the user. The congressman was one of the first to ride a Segway when Dean was introducing “it” to congress and Mr. Bartlett is now a supporter of Dean’s solution to crowded smog filled city streets now prevalent in many third world countries.

Click Here for a huge flickr Segway Slide Show! Click Here to see a Segway i2 being serviced.

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Click Here for lots more photos of the Segway HT in action! Also checkout our World Records!
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Click Here for lots more photos of the Segway HT in action! Also checkout our World Records!