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Kid's Encampments

Camp Facts 

Typical Times:  Weekends Friday 5PM to Saturday 8PM

Typical Camp Size:  Approximately 12-14 participants

Ages:  Boys or girls 9-14 (Younger or older will be accepted, but the executive director must give approval.)

Cost: $115 incl. all food (3 meals + snacks, just snacks Friday night), lodging & bedding (tents or cabin and sleeping bags), and equipment listed below – Since there will be special events and guests at different times of the year, soldiers may want to participate again. The cost to participate again is only $75 (soldiers must bring previously issued equipment). Soldiers can advance in rank and have more responsibility and authority as they attend more times. (Price goes to $135 for older participants.)

Equipment:  Shirt, Musket, Kepi, Canteen, and Haversack (Campers take home)

Campers don’t need to bring anything except shoes, pants, and bathroom items.

Meals that are provided will follow camp diet of the period. If there are specific dietary needs for health reasons, let us know, we will see if we can accommodate.


·    Please provide child insect spray

·    No flip-flops – proper footwear

·    Pants are required for the terrain and activities. Shorts to sleep in are acceptable. Long sleeves for warmth if needed

·    We issue equipment – no toy guns or uniforms can be brought to camp

·    Make sure insurance liability and medical sheets, registration and tuition are completed and paid

·    Campers are expected to follow all rules of the camp for their safety and the safety of others.  We cannot tolerate disruptive behavior that impacts on staff or the camp experience of others.  Parents will be called and could result in expulsion from camp.  Refunds are not given for expulsion with cause.

·    Parents must have their children to the group camp site at Pikes Peak no later than 6pm Friday and picked up at 8pm Saturday, or immediately after fireworks on the July weekend

·    Any medicines for children must be identified to the staff

·    Medical/liability release forms must be signed before admittance to camp 

Typical Encampment Schedule


5:00pm: Recruit check-in, orientation, and setup camp at group camp site at Pikes Peak State Park

6:00pm: Hike w/Pikes Peak DNR Naturalist

7:00pm: Movie (Gettysburg) to orient to the topic and what lies ahead

9:00pm: Discuss movie and ready for lights out

9:30pm: Lights Out


6:00am: Breakfast

7:00am: Hike & Drill – Movements/Manual of Arms

8:30am: Medical drill (Bandages & dealing with wounded) + Drum & Bugle

10:00am: Drill – Movements/Manual of Arms/Firing Formations

11:00am: Cooking (food from the 1860’s)

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm: 1st COMBAT

2:00pm: Various - message decoding, archeology,  special programs

4:00pm:  Prepare supper

5:00pm:  COMBAT

6:00pm: Supper

7:00pm: COMBAT & Pictures (Parents are invited)

8pm: Parent pick up (we will be watching fireworks from Prairie du Chien at the park overlook, so soldiers can stay for that if they wish )

Schedule subject to change - Customized events available upon request