Charitable Foundation USA 
   Welcome to all Programs & Funds

Charitable Foundation USA was founded in 1997. It is a tax-exempt, public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3). We are housed within a certified public accounting firm. We have three programs -

(1) Planned Giving - We administer an independent, neutral, planned giving program for donors, financial advisers and for other public charities in support of all tax-exempt purposes within the United States (in contrast to our third program below). This is our original program begun in 1997. For more information, click here.

(2) Eco City USA - A social capital research & development fund® - also known as the ECUSA® Fund - is a special fund to which individuals, corporations, and foundations may make tax-deductible gifts in some cases and non-deductible loans and equity investments in others. The general purpose of the ECUSA® Fund is to develop and maintain social cohesion within the United States. Donors, lenders, and investors are welcome to further refine the purpose of their transactions within the fund's general purpose. For more information about the ECUSA® Fund, click here

(3) Cohesion USA - This is the program we are particularly excited about.  It is a program of adult education and action, the purpose of which is to develop and sustain a critical mass of social cohesion in households, neighborhoods, towns, counties, metropolitan areas, states, the United States and from there, any other country whose citizens may become interested in a version of this program under their own banner. Phase 'I' is beginning in 2019.