Student Responders

The 509j School District offers a limited number of student response systems (SMART Response and CPS) in schools grade 3-12.  If you are interested in incorporating this type of student response into your classroom curriculum contact to get started.

How to Document-How to use SMART Response Without the Clickers or the Receiver!

How to Document-Exporting Class Lists from Gradebook to SMART Response

How to Document-Exporting SMART Response Assessment Results to Your PowerGradebook view Prezi below. Video clips are blocked to public.  At the end of presentation is an Excel Macro that will convert an Excel SMARTNotebook response assessment report into an Excel PowerGrade file. The only action required then in order to import the file's student scores into a PowerGrade assignment is to save the Excel file as a .csv.  Nice, easy, and fast if you know how to incorporate the macro.

Please, contact for viewing access.