Student Accounts

Student Logins
Logins are created based on information from Powerschool.

The login is made with this info:
Last two digits of grad year
Last Name(s) up to 12 characters
First Initial
Middle Initial (if present)
Juniors, Thirds and Fourths often end up being part of a last name. Usually appears as jr, iii, or iv.

A student named John Allen Filbert-Appleton who graduates in 2019 would be 19filbertappleja
A student named Janet Lewis who graduates in 2016 would be 16lewisj
A student named Roy G. Biv Jr. who graduates in 2023 would be 23bivjrrg

If a student has never logged in, their password will be 123.

If a teacher requests it we can reset a student password back to 123 and a student will get another chance to create a password.