Mobile Laptop Cart Management

New for 2011-2012 School year-Affecting all new mobile labs, some stationary labs, and those re-imaged summer 2011

Deep Freeze

Deep freeze is no longer installed on Mobile labs. This is to facilitate updates and changes to software. To give the computers some level of protection, student accounts are limited to being standard users. They will be unable to install or change most software, but will be able to save files locally to the computer. Default save locations will still be set to students' own H: drives by default where possible and it is still recommended to save primarily to the network.

Installation of New Software

For maintenance and installation, all staff will have administrative access to add or remove any desired software. If you would like to have students log in and help with an installation please call the IT department and we will activate the temporary administrator account for the students. Please do not give your account information to your students. With your account students will be able to install programs to the computer and access your teacher information.  If you believe a student might know your password you may change it at any time in Windows by pressing the CTRL, ALT, and Delete keys simultaneously and choosing Change Password... from the menu.

Install Account
User Name-Install
****Must call IT prior to your installation to activate this account

 Mobile Laptop Cart Orientation Notes

Words to Know




Network Cable


Mobile Lab Set-up

1.      The district wireless WAPs are permanently mounted in your building.  Call IT if you feel you are experiencing any problems regarding the wireless connectivity in your classroom. Wireless name is JCSD and the wireless code is whitebuffalos.

2.      If you have a printer with your cart, it can be located either on the cart or on a counter in your classroom.  You will need to make sure it is near your network switch so it has access to internet.

3.      If you have a switch on your cart, all is ready to go when you have all green lights on your switch.  If you ever need to move your network cabling, the network cable from the wall should always go to switch’s last port.  Make sure you hear it click. 

4.      1 extra network cable is on the top shelf of your cart for you to use as needed.

Your lab must be plugged in to power at all times.  You want to be charging the laptops.

Starting Up the Laptops

 Syncing Laptops to WAP

We will set your laptops to always find your WAP upon startup.  However, sometimes it may need to be repaired or reconnected.  You may also have to do this if your students turn their wireless radio switch on the machine to off.  (Switch on the right side of the laptop)  Teach your students not to switch it off unless they are connected to the network w/ a cable. Newer laptops do not have the external wireless switch, it is the F9 key on the keyboard.

Usually you will follow the steps below to connect.

·        Look at the wireless radio icon in the bottom right hand icon tray.  Teach your students that an unconnected computer will have a little red x, a rolling yellow ball at the bottom of the computer monitor icon, or a yellow triangle caution sign.

·        Click on this icon and then View Wireless Networks-Select the JCSD

·        If you must put in a wireless code, it is whitebuffalos

·        Connect

Or ….. right click on the icon and click “repair.”   Teach your students this process and save yourself hand-raising and headaches.

Guest Log In

The WAP is secure so when guest laptops use it they must use the following code:  whitebuffalos .  If this changes later, we'll let you know.

Student Log in

If the wireless radio switch has been clicked off and then the laptop is shut down, students may not be able to log in (loud beep and a message telling them that the 509j domain is not available.)  If that is the case they will need to switch on the wireless radio on the side of the laptop before logging in.  In some cases you may need to provide a network cable for students to log in to the computer and then to repair the wireless connection.  Again teach your students not to switch off the wireless radio switch.


Shutting Down the Laptops

Shutting Down

It is very, very important that all laptops are shut down before they are placed in the cart for longer periods of storage.  Teach your students to shut down properly using the start-shut down command and that wait for the black screen before closing the lid. 

However Standby  is also handy...

It is a great idea to have students log out but not shut down if you will be using the laptops with a new group of students in the next class.  Computers can be closed and stored in standby mode between classes.  Be sure to think about your day and manage your battery charge accordingly.

Network and Computer Folders for Storage and Handing in Work

Student (H) Drives

Student (H) drives remain the preferred choice for file storage, however since new computers no longer are in deep freeze saving to the local computer in My Documents is now an option.  This is only a preferred option when a student is working on a project where it is of benefit to store on the computer itself such a large movie file.  Students would always want to also back up projects to their (H) drive.  Again the student (H) drive is the preferred storage location.

Shared Student Drive (S)

Student save space is a place for temporary storage and sharing.  For example you should create a folder in shared space if you want to post a document or a file of pictures that all your students will need to access.  Make sure you have the original saved in another location in case something is changed or deleted.

Shared space can be glitchy if all students go in to open the same document at the same time.  Stagger your class so not everyone is doing the same thing in shared space at the same time.

 It is very important to teach your students how to manage themselves in a shared space as in any other location where people come together and store their belongings.

Shared Staff Drive (T)

A great place to share files with your colleagues.  Only teachers can access this drive. 

Drop Boxes

IT can set up "write only" drop boxes for each of your classes upon request.

Adding Your Students (H) Home Directories to Your Desktop Makes Life Easy!

School Servers-You can locate all your student home directories at the following locations




Warning: if you find a student file in the server with a #1 at the end of the student’s name, it will need to be repaired, please send that user name to .

·         Do this with your list of student user names in front of you

·         Create a folder on your desktop-name it Student (H) Drives

·         Click on the Start button

·         Click on Run

·         In the box, type your school server listed above

·         Locate the grade level of your student list

·         Find your first student

·         Right click on the folder and then select Send to…Desktop(create shortcut)

·         Do Not Select All and Copy—you will not have active files that change as your students add work to them.

·         Continue on with the rest of your class

·         When finished, go to your desk top and drag all your student files into your folder.

·         You can do the same thing with all you classes. Just make a new folder within the folder for each class you teach.

·         Now you have instant access to your students work.  Works great for students sharing their work on the SMARTBoard

Connecting to a Printer

Most likely students will only have to follow this process the first time using the printer.

In order to keep start up times as quick as possible, a printer script has not been added to your laptops.  The first time you have an assignment that you would like students to print, walk them through this process.

  • Students should be logged in as themselves
  • Click on Start
  • Click on Run
  • Type in the search box  \\paper
  • Assist them in locating the printer you wish them to use
  • Select the printer and allow it to install
  • Once the printer installs they should click Start again
  • Click on Printers and Fax
  • Locate the printer they just installed and right click on it and set it as the default printer for their account

If you are using student H drives, you will be able to print their work from either of your teacher computers. 

When Things Go Wrong

IT Work Requests:

During this time of implementing numerous systems in your classroom, you will not be asked to submit work requests.  Please let your Instructional Technology coach know of your needs and she will remedy the situation or submit requests for you. It is most helpful if you have written down the laptop number and the problem you are experiencing with it.  (rather than saying… “A lot of the laptops aren’t working.”)


  Keeping Things From Going Wrong

Security and Mistreatment:

·         Cart padlocks and directions are in a red bag in the back of the top shelf.  We recommend keeping the cart locked when you are not in the room.  Caution…develop the habit of checking the cart often to make sure all laptops are present.  Be open and talk with your students about this.  There are no replacement funds for these laptops.

·         Once you get your padlock combo set.  Email the combination to Sue or Gena.

·         Do Not ever believe that a laptop key accidentally popped off.  They do not accidentally pop off.  They are pried off. If your students know that you know this and that they will no longer be using their laptop,   keys will miraculously stay on.  There are no replacement funds for missing keys.

·         Substitute days are the days that most carts and laptops are mistreated.  Early in the year avoid this by making alternate plans for your sub.

Introductory PowerPoint

An introductory PowerPoint has been created for you and is attached below and in your schools (T) drive for you to show and discuss with your students prior to their first use of the laptops.

Miscellaneous Items But Still Very Important

·         Don’t assume that your students already have an understanding of how to act and learn in a digital classroom.   Like everything else you do, be prepared to explicitly teach and practice all processes and procedures for learning with technology in your classroom.

·         The whine… “Can we play games,” can drive you crazy…so you might want to address this and set precedent right from the beginning.  Explain to your students that your classroom is one that they will learn in a different way by using technology.  Explain how you will be using all different kinds of teaching and learning resources and that sometimes it might be a game if you have decided that a game is the best way for them to learn.  Be very clear that the games that are played in your classroom are those that are selected by you for a purpose.  Try to resist the urge to tell them “just go ahead and play games of your choice for the last half hour” or that will be all some of them want to do when they get out the laptops all year long. 

·         Be very careful if you move the cart through a doorway.  Cords…

·         Remember to develop and present management strategies and signals from the beginning for when you want all eyes up and all hands off of keyboards.   These laptops will stay on if closed to a 45 degree angle, or you may want to have students turn them around when they need to be listening and not working.

·         At the beginning, explicitly teach other behaviors and processes such as how you want the laptops taken out and put away.  If you spend time at the beginning teaching them “care and feeding” of their laptops, they will take ownership of them and care for their cart all year long.

·         Two USB mice are available on the top shelf of the cart.

·         Please develop a spread sheet w/ student laptop # assignments to be posted in the cart.

·         Remember new labs are no longer frozen. Teacher log ins have administrative rights and can install programs, student log ins do not.  Resist the urge to give out your teacher log in in order to install programs...with that information students can access all of your files.  When you know you will be needing a program installed contact IT and they will activate the install account so your students can assist. 

 ·         It seems that problems are more likely to arise with the laptops when a substitute is in the classroom.  Unless you have a sub that is very tech savvy and confident with the laptops, I would suggest locking up the cart and taking a digital break for the day.

·         The first few weeks of use of the lab will be a testing time of systems and equipment.  Please remind yourself and your students to be patient if something doesn’t work as planned.  Your kids will take cue from you and if they know you are calm and ok with it, they will be too.  That is the way with technology and from time to time things have to be changed or fixed.  However for your sanity, it is a good idea to have back up plans in place for this initial period of implementation and throughout the year.   We are your partner in this and will help you work through the kinks.  

·         To reach anyone in the tech office…