Welcome to our JCESD IT How-to Page.

The IT team will use this site to post tech help tips and documents related to the implementation of teacher and student Google Apps and other tech topics.

New for 2011-2012 School year-

Connecting to Wireless

WAP Name in all JCSD Schools--JCSD
Wireless Code--whitebuffalos

WAP Name at Westside--jcsd509j
Wireless Code--whitebuffalos

Change affecting all new mobile labs, some stationary labs, and those re-imaged summer 2011

Deep Freeze

Deep freeze is no longer installed on Mobile labs. This is to facilitate updates and changes to software. To give the computers some level of protection, student accounts are limited to being standard users. They will be unable to install or change most software, but will be able to save files locally to the computer. Default save locations will still be set to students' own H: drives by default where possible and it is still recommended to save primarily to the network.

Installation of New Software

For maintenance and installation, all staff will have administrative access to add or remove any desired software. If you would like to have students log in and help with an installation please call the IT department and we will activate the temporary administrator account for the students. Please do not give your account information to your students. With your account students will be not only be able to install programs to the computer but also access your teacher information.  If you believe a student might know your password you may change it at any time in Windows by pressing the CTRL, ALT, and Delete keys simultaneously and choosing Change Password... from the menu.

Install Account
User Name-Install
****Must call IT prior to your installation to activate this account

Computer Virus Hoaxes

If you see a pop-up or windows that says you have a Trojan Virus, Windows 2010 or 2009 Antivirus.... It is FAKE

Our IT department is currently using Kaspersky antivirus on all systems in all districts. Any other virus related program by any other name is a scam website that managed to sneak a pop-up onto your screen.

  • Learn what to watch for and how to avoid the loss of use of your computer for the repair time.
    • 2010 Antivirus
    • 2009 Windows Antivirus
    • Trojan Virus Scan
    • System 2011

To keep yourself safe-

Do Not click on anything on your computer screen. On your keyboard hit the keys Ctrl/Alt/Delete and wait for the window that appears, choose Task Manager.

Highlight, one at a time, the Internet applications running and click "End Task".

Save anything else you are working on and reboot your computer.

This should clear things up for you to open Kaspersky and run a scan.

Please inform Technology of the issue so we can double check the system is clean.