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Chapter 08 Challenge Project

Yard Plans

Imagine that you are moving into a new home.  Your parents have decided to let you design your back yard.  They told you that you could have anything in it that you would like.  Your yard is 50 yards long by 50 yards wide.  You will want to carefully plan the arrangement of your yard and all of your desired accessories so that you can have as many of your favorite items as possible. 

Before you start you will need to divide your yard into 5 different equal sections.  You must also calculate each section of your yard into inches, feet, and yards.  This needs to be clearly labeled on your yard diagram that will be displayed on your display board.  (For extra credit ask your teacher if you can design your yard using the computer.  You could do this in publisher, Kidspiration, design programs on the internet etc…).

There are just several conditions that you must meet.  They are as follows:

  • Your parents want at least 2/5ths of the yard for entertaining their friends.
  • Your sister wants to split her 5th of the yard into two equal sections for her play house and a small pool.
  • Your Dad wants 1/5th of the yard for a garden/ tool shed.
  • The final 5th of the yard is all yours for anything of your choice.

For each of the above you must get on the internet and find the exact dimension of each furniture or play item you will be placing in each persons section of the yard.  You will need to make sure it will fit in each area so your calculations will need to be very precise.  Each section will need to be carefully measured/ figured out so you know how much space you will have for each items when you go shopping.    

Your neatly designed yard map/ diagram must include the following:

  • Total area in inches, feet, and, yards for each of the 5 fractions/ sections of the yard.
  • A complete list of the furniture with it’s measurement that you will be using in each section of the yard and the cost of each item.  Make sure your list is by each section so you can determine the cost of each are in your yard.
  • What are was the most expensive?
  • Who’s area was the cheapest to build?
  • What was the total cost of your yard? 
  • Approximately what percent of your yard is grass?
  • Approximately what percent of your yard is yard furniture, buildings, or toys?
  • Make sure your yard plans are neatly drawn and measured out.  You must use a ruler for your drawing so everything is straight and accurate. 

Use your imagination and have lots of fun with this!


 Yard Plans

Scoring Guide




Points Possible

Yard Plan

Your yard plan must be accurately measured out and drawn using a ruler with each persons area labeled




You must have all the measurements required listed on your plan.  Each line must be measure in inches, feet, and yards.  You also must have the total area of each section calculated




You must have the furniture/ toys listed by section and a measurement and price next to each item




Your display has all of the required items on the project list.  It looks neat and you have used a ruler for all of your plans.  It is colorful and most importantly everything is spelled and computed accurately




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