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Chapter 04 Challenge Project

Classroom Supplies

It is the first week of school and your teacher has given you a very important job.  Your teacher needs you to order enough school supplies for all of the students in your classroom to last most of the school year.  You will need to order the basic supplies for you and your classmates.

You will need to decide on what each student needs and how many of each item each student needs in order to be successful in 5th grade.

Your teacher will give you several supply catalogs and you may also use the internet to find any addition items you may need.  You will want to shop around and make sure you are getting the best deals for each item you choose.  You may want to check out online stores like Staples and OfficeMax.

You have a budget of $300.00 to spend on school supplies for your classroom.  You will be creating a chart/ display to show your figures.  You will need to display the following information…

  • The needed supply list for each student

  • The prices for each item on your student supply list

  • What is the supply cost per student and the supply cost per 5, 10, 15, 20, students you can use the example below or create your own chart/ graph


Supply cost p/ each student

Supply cost p/ 5 students

Supply cost p/ 10 students

Supply cost p/ 20 students

$300.00/ 25 students

$300.00/ 5 students




When finished with your graph/ chart you need to answer the following questions

  • How did the number of people affect your purchase?

  • Did you always buy the better-priced item?  If not why?

  • How did you use what you learned to shop wisely?

  • How much money did you spend?  How much money is left?

Classroom Supplies

Scoring Guide




Points Possible

The needed supply list




Supply list prices




Student cost chart




Project questions





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