5th Grade Math Connects Topic Key-
Note to teachers:  To see a listing of topics for each Math Connects lesson click on the chapter to the left in the navigation bar and go to the attachments at the bottom of the page. 

Chapter 1- Use Place Value
Chapter 2- Add and Subtract Whole Numbers and Decimals
Chapter 3- Multiply Whole Numbers
Chapter 4- Divide Whole Numbers
Chapter 5- Use Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 6- Use Equations and Function Tables
Chapter 7- Display and Interpret Data
Chapter 8- Develop Fraction Concepts
Chapter 9- Use Factors and Multiples
Chapter 10- Add and Subtract Fractions
Chapter 11- Use Measures in the Customary System
Chapter 12- Use Measures in the Metric System
Chapter 13- Identify, Compare, and Classify Geometric Shapes
Chapter 14- Measure Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Chapter 15- Use Probability to Make Predictions

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