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Chapter 14 Challenge Project

Place Value Puzzle

Use Place Value to Represent Decimals

Write five place value puzzles for your class. Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in your clues. Include at least five digits/place values in each puzzle’s answer.


·       Divide 15 by 3. Write the result in the hundredths place.

·       Multiply 2 by 10. Divide by 10. Write the result in the ones place.

·       Write a digit in the tenths place that is 4 more than the digit in the hundredths place.

·       Add 7 to the digit in the ones place. Write the result in the thousandths place.

·       Subtract 45 from 54. Write the result in the tens place.

·       Answer: 92.959 (Ninety-two and nine hundred fifty-nine thousandths)

 Make a booklet to display your puzzles. Include an answer key. Put your puzzles in order from smallest to largest by answer.

 Exchange your booklet with at least two different people and solve each other’s puzzles.


Place Value Puzzles Scoring Guide:

_____/ 50 Five place value puzzles

_____/ 10 Addition clues

_____/ 10 Subtraction clues

_____/ 10 Multiplication clues

_____/ 10 Division clues

_____/ 25 At least five digits/place values each

_____/ 50 Puzzle booklet

_____/ 5 In order from smallest to largest by answer

_____/ 10 Answer key

_____/ 20 Solving two classmates puzzles

_____/ 200 Total

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