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Chapter 05 Challenge Project

Oceans Into The Deep

Describe Algebraic Patterns

This project will have you researching oceans and seas of the world, finding out about the different zones and what lives in each of the zones. There are 5 zones of the ocean, research what they are, their depths, plant & animal live of each.

Read the Real-World book, Oceans: Into the Deep. Does your information on the 5 zones match the book.

Next choose one of the oceans or seas, to do a more in depth report on it. Research that ocean or sea, things you should include:

1.     The zones with its depths, temperatures and plant & animal life.

2.      What countries border the ocean or sea?

3.      Chart that shows the zones, depths, & temperatures at each one.

4.     Choose an animal and do a mini report on that animal, covering

habitat, food, prey/predator, physical characteristics and some

interesting facts about that animal.


Oceans Into the Deep Scoring Guide:

 _____  20 - for the research information on the 5 zones and the names of

              oceans and seas in those zones, along with a map that labels the


_____  20 – Bar graphs that displays the 4 oceans & 4 seas, with their

               depths in both feet and meters

_____  20 – Create a input/output table from your bar graph of the oceans

              and seas. You can use feet as your input and meters as the

              output. Write your rule and equation and use that information

               to find the outputs.

_____  15 – Chart that list the average temperatures in the upper and

              lower zones

_____ 15 – Write some expression from the information of the average

             temperatures of both the upper and lower zones

_____  20 – Information report on your chosen ocean or sea along with

              gathered information you found

_____  15 – Neatness on your final project display


Other resources that might help you on your project:

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