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Cereal Box Book Report Tasks


1.) Box: Wrap in paper

2.) Main Characters paragraph: 

a.    Write a description of 2 main characters, including the LAFS information (Looks, Act, Feels, Says).  One character should be THE main character, and the second one can be anyone in the book you consider significant and wish to tell about.

b.    Why does this character matter to the book?  Why are they significant? Ex.: They are the one who must solve the riddle to save the world.

c.    Are they flat or round? Static or dynamic?  (See fiction vocabulary sheet for definitions)  Provide reasons for how you classify them.  Ex.: They are flat because they start out good and helpful and stay that way throughout the entire book.

3.) Setting paragraph:  Describe the setting in detail, including the time, place, and mood of the book.  Include why this particular setting matters to the book.  What is the significance or importance of this setting to the story?

4.) Book Review:

a.    Include the genre and a brief summary of the book (remember that additional details will be on your plot diagram or story map).  (2-3 sentences)

b.    Who are the major characters, and what are they trying to do in the book?  What is the conflict in the book? (1-3 sentences)

c.    Who would enjoy this book and why?  To whom would you recommend this book?


5.) Theme paragraph:  Describe the theme of this book.  What is it?  How do we see it in your book?

6.) Story map (plot diagram) including correctly used plot vocabulary (see fiction book vocab. sheet for definitions) and a graphic.

7.) Glue and tape items listed above onto your box.

8.) Work on the front panel of the box, including the layout, title and author, and artwork

Jesse Scott,
Jan 21, 2011, 5:39 PM