Anuncios de 5º grado/5th Grade Class Announcements

Hello fifth grade families and guardians. We are now in full session and have been going over school expectations and district policies that will ensure students are safe and supported within the classroom and throughout the school. Please refer to the important district policies below.

Click here: Allergies and Special Diets

Click here: Wellness Policy Information

Click here: Suggestions for Healthy Foods for Snacks and Parties

Science OAKS Test Friday April 6, 2018

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Friday April 6, 2018 students will be taking the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge & Skills (OAKS) Science Assessment.

For more information please click the link below.

Click Here: OAKS

Queridas Familias,

El viernes, 6 de abril los estudiantes estarán tomando el Asesoramiento de Conocimiento y Habilidades  de Ciencias (OAKS).

Para mas información, favor de oprimir el enlace que se encuentra aquí abajo.

Oprima aquí: OAKS

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Las Noticias de Buena Vista

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Papa's Pizza Fundraiser

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Los Globos - proyecto

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Semana 13 de noviembre /Week of November 13th

Círculo #1 - escribir tu nombre y apellido usando letras creativas. Trazar con marcador y colorear con lápices de color
Círculo #2 -  Dando gracias por...... 1.   2.   3.  4.  5.
Círculo #3 - Hacer un dibujo de tu actividad más favorito que te gusta hacer en el Día de gracias.  Colorear.
Círculo #4 - Escribir uno de los dos poemas.  Las Cuatro Hojitas o El Pavo Inteligente.  Escribir con cuidado y trazar.
Círculo #5 - Hacer un dibujo de el cuerno de abundancia y escribir el nombre debajo de la ilustración.  Pueden usar el internet para ver un  dibujo del cuerno (cornucopia)

Math Tournament December 2, 2017

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Congratulations to Giani Alvez!

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Congratulations to Giani for placing 2nd in the EWEB Emergency Kit Challenge! Mr. Brown from EWEB presented Giani with a wonderful plaque and gift card.

Thank you to all the wonderful Buena Vista 5th graders for participating!


Emergency Kit Challenge


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To sign up for conferences please sign up with the teacher that your child begins the day with.  
Inscribirse para las conferencias con el maestro/a que tu hijo/a comience el día.

maestra Bradley  (LOS AZTECAS) -

maestro Longoria  (LOS INCAS)  -

maestro Cooper (LOS MAYAS)  -

So you say it's your birthday!

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So you say it’s your birthday! 

Non-food items are a GREAT option for birthday celebrations! Stickers, temporary tattoos, any number of items work to help our students celebrate with their friends.

What does the food policy say?

Foods that are served as part of celebrations should be served after the lunch hour and be limited to foods that have NO trans fat, and are low in fat, added sugar, and sodium.

What kind of foods would be acceptable?

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Dips based on low-fat yogurt or sour cream
100% frozen fruit bars
Frozen yogurt
Graham cracker based products: Honey Maid squares, Teddy Grahams, Animal Crackers, etc.

All must be commercially prepared and need to be nut/peanut free (preferably not processed with peanuts and nut products to assure they are safe for all students.

Thank you for making every child safe and healthy.

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