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High-energy leader with strong program management, systems engineering and consulting skills.   Successful experiences leading international, cross-functional, high-tech commercial, avionics, manufacturing, military and government project teams for the development of hardware, software and systems or in the performance of technical research or business process improvements.


Excellent organizational, speaking, teaching and facilitating skills  with strong  ability to simplify complex situations, processes, projects and concepts to achieve desired results.


Proven track record in working well in diverse environments and under a variety of management structures.


Founder of 3PM, a business consulting firm with a list of clients including Abbott, Barclays Global Investors, Cisco Systems, Harris Corporation, University of California Berkeley, Wells Fargo, Lockheed, Franklin Covey, Artesyn, Eaton Corp, Sierra Club, conferences, cities and start-ups.

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At home I’m a "handy man" in a lot of areas of life.  My pictures, writing, thoughts, projects and life goals are only for those that are approved after signing in.  FACEBOOK is also just for friends and family.



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Welcome to my personal website.  You can find me on LinkIn (Alexander Walton) for business networking, occasionally a twitter remark (pm_guru) and my facebook is reserved for friends only.  My business site is www.3pmllc.com .   For those that are allowed to "log in", this website contains links to pictures, writings, public calendar and additional links.

Coming to Google Sites

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alexanderwalton.com is coming to Google Sites.

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