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3PM - People, Project and Process Management

Contract Management

3PM, LLC provides effective contract project and process management with new product development, system integration and  process improvements.

Start-up Facilitation and Coaching

3PM, LLC developed and continues to use a world class project start-up process.

Used by hundreds of successful projects for a wide variety of clients, it continues to be customized to utilize great new collaboration tools while maintaining the basic principles of successful project start-up and planning.

3PM, LLC also developed and continues to use a world class process improvement process.

Originally developed during TQM, Lean Manufacturing, then tuned for Six Sigma elements, we have seen what normally works and what doesn't.   A Key success factor for any organization is the use of BOTH Project and Process Management.

Training and Consulting

3PM, LLC provides world class training, facilitation, consulting and coaching that focuses on effective People, Project and Processes Management (3PM).   We provide simple, effective solutions for each focus and the blend.

For the past 6 years, we have managed projects including the migration of UC Berkeley from legacy systems to Google Apps for Education.  In the process of managing these projects, moving organizations to cloud services, we have developed a hands-on knowledge of the best techniques and processes utilizing collaboration tools.  We also are experienced with blending classic Project Management with Iterative and Agile techniques to best serve the organization and individual projects.

Additionally, we observed the need and developed effective techniques and processes to help individuals deal with a mix of operational and project responsibilities.  The PET (Priorities, Energy and Time) Seminars have transformed the way many past participants work with their most important resources - their team, themselves and everyone's time and energy.


3PM, LLC continue to provide simple, effective blends of highly rated workshops, engagements, and seminars with a common vocabulary and style. We provide effective and efficient methods of improving your environment and your processes, including meetings, planning sessions, project execution, project monitoring, project reviews and project closures.

For more information, please email me at alex@3pmllc.com.

Alex Walton
Managing Member