Jan Šedivý

I am having great fun running this bunch of talented individuals. It is very rewarding to see amazing progress and the speed in learning the latest technology.
The Internet is full of very interesting data and it is waiting for us to discover and process them for our partners. 

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PhD students


Tomáš Tunys

Currently pursuing the master's degree in Computer Science at Czech Technical University in Prague, where continues in his studies after having been awarded bachelor's degree with honors. His main fields of interests are mathematics, computational theory, and computer science. He is proud participant of ACM's ICPC in years 2007 - 2011 and CodeChef's contests since 2011. He is having a long experience of programming in Java, C, C++, and C#. By having fallen in love with Android he is very keen on developing interesting applications for it

  Tomáš Vondra

Master’s degree from the FEL CTU, branch Electrotechnics and Informatics, specialization System programming. Interests in computer system and network administration, embedded device programming, VoIP telecommunications, wireless networks (incl. coverage planning), information security, audio/video processing. Currently a doctoral degree student focusing on cloud computing (IaaS and PaaS levels), hybrid clouds and practical application of these technologies.
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Petr Baudiš
received Masters degree in Theoretical Computer Science from 
the Charles University in Prague. He has defended thesis on building a state-of-art Computer Go program. In addition he also was active in researching reinforcement learning. Besides, he worked as an independent consultant in system programming, machine learning and computer vision. `He also has a long track record of significant contributions to open source projects, for example ELinks, Git and GNU libc.  His research focus is now question answering - building a NLP system that combines many specific tasks of information retrieval, extraction and automated building of knowledge bases.
  Ondřej Pluskal

In the past he worked on Privacy 2.0 project supported by Google as a Facebook expert researching new areas of privacy protection. Then in his masters thesis he introduced a new algorithm for AVG company that improved their behavioural detection system. Now he is working on modelling user behaviour in online games utilising sequential pattern mining.

Miroslav Červený
Miroslav is a PhD. student while acting as a Director of Analytic/Intelligence in Geewa a.s.  He is a graduate of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical, Czech Technical University in Prague. He is interested in ß Multidimensional statistical data analysis (confident interval, factor an., decision tree, association rules, cluster an., logistic reg., discriminant an., canonical an., principal component an.)
He is going to work in the field of machine learning in our group.


 MSc students


Antonín Novák

Tonda graduated with honors from CTU FEE at the department of Cybernetics in 2013. Nowadays, he is a master student of Artificial Intelligence at the same university. His main passion is machine learning and math. Currently is developing mathematical models and algorithms for spell checking in the search engine queries.

References     Area of Interest: NLP


Jakub Peisar

Jakub has graduated from the bachelor program at FEE CTU where he studied Web and Multimedia. He is currently pursuing his master's degree in Computer Networks also at FEE CTU. Alongside his studies he works at Storage department of CESNET where he takes care of the storage infrastructure as a Linux system administrator. He is interested in developing storage platforms and making use of the stored data with Big Data software.

 BSc students
Marek Modrý

Currently pursuing his master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at FEE CTU. Besides he has been recently accepted to Upsilon Pi Epsilon (International Honor Society) and he also studies Corporate Finance and Management at the University of Economics in Prague. In 2008-2011 he worked as a junior programmer in ASP.NET (C#) and later was focused on research in Scheduling and planning optimization. He is interested in almost anything regarding artificial intelligence and internet business.

Tomáš Veselý

Tomáš has graduated from SPŠST Panská in 2011. Currently, he studies Open Informatics - Computer and Information Science at CTU FEE. He is interested in Android developing. Nowadays, he is participating on TremAn Parkinson's Disease - tremor detection.


Tomáš Pikous

Tomáš has graduated from Gymnázium Arabská in 2013 and joined the BSc. Open Informatics program in 2013. He is enthusiastic about computer science in general and he is looking forward to join interesting projects in our group. He has  of Java programming experience. His hobbies are robotics, electrotechnics but also cycling.

Jonáš Amrich

Jonáš has graduated from Gymnázium Jiřího Gutha-Jarkovského in 2012 and now studies Open Informatics at CTU FEE. He's mainly interested in recent web-related technologies, machine learning, iOS applications and mainly accepting new challenges. Besides computers he's passionate about surfing and good coffee.
Jiří Adamec

Jirka graduated with honors from Gymnazium Nový Jičín in 2010. Nowadays he is studying at CTU FIT. He is interested in Android development and mobile technologies. In his free time he likes to play tennis or basketball. These days, he is developing an Android app for recommending another android apps to friend over social networks.

Ondřej Borovec

has graduated from Gymnázium Vysoké Mýto. He is currently st CTU. He has experience working in 
Czech Academy of Science at UFE. With a student project about thermo-materials he won a gold medal at I-SWEEEP, category Engineering (Houston, USA) and was awarded as Best student academic physical project 2013 and nominated as finalist in young Czech Head competition. 
He also has some database processing experience form a school project.. He has skills in programming at Java, Python and C#.