Does your company generate lot of data? 

  • Big Data
  • Analytics 
  • Cloud computing

 We will uncover  what they hide! 

  • Descriptive analysis 
  • Predictive analysis
  • Decision making 

Research: Drive and encourage top research in Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud Computing. Motivate discovery of new technology and applications. All projects are centred around BSc, MSc, and PhD students with the emphasis on cooperation and team work. We focus on projects in the machine learning, information retrieval, as well as mobile applications.
Education: Create and deliver top curricula in Cloud Computing. We teach the Development of Internet Applications (VIA) for MSc students in the Open Informatics program. We focus on the development of mobile web applications. This is a hands on course. Students are required to specify, describe, present and implement application for Android based phones or tablets. More >>
Entrepreneurship: Create and cultivate entrepreneurial environment to help new high tech startups, technology transfer, consultation etc.
We run eClub for all CVUT students, their friends and anyone interested. Our goal is to bring together students enthusiastic about new technologies, innovation and cooperation. We would like to be a  meeting place for all of you with strong motivation and the will to change your dreams to business.
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