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Welcome to 30 Days. I'm glad you stopped by. Take a journey and learn, grow, and build your relationship with yourself, someone special, and God. It isn't about the destination, its about the journey getting there. There is plenty here for you to dig into. Drop me a note and let me know what you liked, what you didn't like, or even what you'd like to see.

Always a Journey ....
Marcie Lynn

Library: A collection of my published works.

Blog: On the blog, I share thoughts, study scripture, research topics, and take notes on books I'm reading. 

Vlog: Currently the vlogs are companion entries as I look back and reflect on each day in the devotional, "30 Days: A New Relationship". 

Speaker Packet
: I'd love to come speak at your church, organization, or event. Check out my speaking packet (pdf format) to get all the details you need to make that happen.

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Prayer Wall: A facebook page where people can share their prayer requests and their praises. Prayer is powerful, it can change things, especially when other's are praying in agreement. Stop by and drop in a request or two. If you are praying in agreement or in support of someone, click the like button under their comment.